Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie, #1) - Debra Anastasia

Aghhhhhhh what can i say i really really Enjoyed this book, parts made me Laugh parts made me Upset, parts made me annoyed. But i can say this book is just perfectly amazing. I love the relationship and respect between the characters especially the brothers. The way this book is written makes you fall for the 3 brothers one by one. At first I like Blake because he is just so sweet, kind, thoughtful and just beautifull. Then I liked Taylor because he is well crazy, fine and just aghhh grrrrrrrrrrr, and then Cole (mmm cole) he is sooo freaking fine just his whole character and charisma is amazing. Fantastic read I keep telling my work buddies to read this because it is sooooooo AWSOME People READ THIS BOOOOK