Exposed - Kyra Davis

Kassie: she is a changed person in this book Stronger Sharper, Smarter and at them same time Weaker ans suppressed. she tries to right her wrongs and she wants to do this on her own this i respect in kassie.

Mr Dade: as much as i want to say i like My Dade the truth is i most certinly did not at first i did like him he was sexy and charming and kind. but the more you get to know him you relise he is controling kassie in a way which was not obvious to her. 

Dave: poor dave i know what he did was not right to treat Kassie that was but in a way it was his way of hurting her. i liked the it when he and kassie had there talk at the club my favourite part is when Dave confessed to Kassie what he did.