Seduce - Lexi Buchanan

Ahhhh this book was sooo good i loved it from the begining. I loved Lily and michal they are so perfect for one another just fab.

i loved how the author introduced us to michaels family espicialy his Brothers ( ohhh boy are we in store for some good times) each once is diffrent from the other with there own stories. can not wait to find out more.

Sebastian: is very funny and cute 

Ruben: is quite and very private so his stroy should be funn to read

Lucien:Ahhh lucian lucian lucian wherefore art thou lucian, I CAN NOT WAIT for this one i loved reading about lucian and getting a little taste of his story he seems so hurt and sad i just want to hug him for ever and then some.

Ramon:Again CAN NOT WAIT i think we will be in for a suprise in this series ramon seems like a great character funny,sweet, and a flirt. cant wait woop woop