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BACKSTAGE PASS: SINNERS ON TOUR [Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour ] BY Cunning, Olivia(Author)Paperback 01-Oct-2010 - Olivia Cunning

So I have been meaning to read this series for a while , so hear Iam just finished backstage pass and I can safely say I AM IN LOOOOOVE With sinners like hopelessly desperately unconditionally in love with all the guys mostly JACE and Eric buts that's another story lets talk about Brian and Myrna these to are EPICCC They are just so perfect in every way for each other their relationship is so genuinely happy and fun exciting raunchy and adventurous. I love Brian he is such a beautufull person he loves everyone he does not care about the stupid things and he loves life and his band.

Myrna is just fucking amazing she is just so perfect for Brian I love the way she took over the bus and made the boys behave you can feel the lie and respect the band has for her. I like that how her and Brian are so alike but different a perfect blend.