Sexually haleriouse

Rock Me: Crazy (New Adult Rockstar Erotic Romance) - Arabella Quinn
This book was the funniest most sexiest thing I have read this month it's a mix of BDSB / Humor (I know what you are thinking BDSM & HUMOR do not go together but in this book they do), hahaha Livie is one crazy Bitch I fucking love her mentality she was freaking EPIC every sexual encounter she had with tommy went from hot and sexy to insanely hilarious in a matter of minutes  but still keeping its sexiness. she was not affraid to try out new things and was not afraid to learn. I loved this about her character, she was also a strong minded women who was not affriad to stand up to people. 
Tommy well he is your averag rock star but he has a specil thing about him he did not judge people. I loved how he kept livvy on her toes, even when he knew she was lying about her sexual experiences he saw the funny side to it and used it to his advantage and as a chance to play with her head ( in the most nicest hottest funniest way possible). I loved how he played along with her antics, there connection is perfect you can feel the intense attraction the too have and ooooh boy do they show it.