Tender Mercies - Kitty Thomas

Woow so when i seen this book i was like yaaay sound so good and dark and messed up, and it was i found it to be a good read it was deep and vicious, what happend to her was just Awfull. you were given details of what happen to her while she was at the island and help captive, but it did not give you much, you were only given a small amount of information.


I really  i dont know i wanted it to be more Dark, Damaging, Vendictive, ruthless i wanted it to make you hate reading the book so much that you could feel the Rage building up inside you. dont get me wrong this book was OK but i just wish i was More Sadistic.

I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING and i am not crazy i just wanted it to be more aghhhhhh. Evilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. i just did not connect with the characters it was to rushed at times.