oh no he did'nt

Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas

This book is dark, twisted, fucked up but it is sweet caring and kind at the same time. I am having a tough time writing this review as I don’t know what to say and what words to use


It’s crazy how the victim was effected by this traumatic even she was mentally broken but I felt at times she was mentally strong too maybe that was all the brain washing , I really don’t know what it was I am just confused.

I loved the twists to it, I loved that the Capture never spoke (there is a reason) but I think that only made is character stronger and dominant, as much as I wanted to hate him I just could not even though he’s Messed up and what he did is wrong I was very taken by him, maybe because he never actually hurt her. As you read on you begin to understand him more and his story (which is only brief) but you begin to like him (or maybe it’s just me). Any way the book was a good read but the ending was just I don’t know it was not what I expected, wanted.


Put apart from that this is a good book and the writing is excellent.