I love this series

Beyond Pain  - Kit Rocha

Beyond Pain ias as awesome as the  first two books in the Beyond series… raw sex appeal, strong characters, this is the book i was looking forward to reading after completeing the first 2 books Bren and six there story is so Deep there is so much to it

everything about there past makes you want to know more about them, the two of them are just so perfect for each other


i love bren he is you typical alpha male he is kind, loving and very patient

he is tought, possesive and Dangerouse his character is so tormented.you will find out more about him and his past as you read along.


Six oh i fucking love she is like the Unleached version of Bren she is on Bad ass Bitch.

she is at the same time vulrable and has trust issues, that is until bren gains her trust and we see another side to six.