Hopelessly Devoted to this Series

Truce: The Historic Neighbor from Hell - R.L. Mathewson

At first i was not sure about this when i found out this is going to be a historical novel, but lets face it this is NFH Serise and there is no way in hell am i not reading this.


before we are  introduce you to the main characters the book starts off in the Modern times and we are introduced to Jason ( Yummy yummy) his father ( Freaking Epic) And Trevor ( i want his babies) and you cant help but smile remembering all the Amazing, sexy and Wicked things they did.


i adored this story the author did a fantastic job the writing was perfect. this is about Two childhood arch enemy Robert and Elizabeth who have such a deep hate for each other that they are both Consumed by it. for many years they play Wicked games on each other, each making the others life a living hell. i don't want to say to much but if you are a fan of NFH you will adore and fall in love with this book. the characters play off each other perfectly . If you have never read the NFH series i recommend that you do i GUARAN DAMN TEE  you will be HOOKED.


Both characters are so alike-in every way they are Kind, loving they care greatly for the less fortunate.


Elizabeth is a bad ass who takes no bullshit, she is very witty and very independent. she is extremely passionate especially when it comes to Robert ( ohh boy) she is not afraid to kick the S**t out of anyone who crosses her.


Robert like all the Bradford men he has a passion for not only food but Women. Once he sets his sight on that one women ohhhhh but all Hell breaks loose a very Sexy,hot and intense hell that will leave you wanting more and more.


I Recommend you all read this it will have you laughing so hard Pee will literally be coming out of you. like the other books in the series this has a HEA that will leave you Staryeyed for days and days it will leave you sighing and Happy and Warm and fuzzy Ahhhhhhh