This Book is Brilliant

The Tied Man - Tabitha McGowan

What would you do to protect those you love, what hell would you endure to ensure they are safe and happy.

This story is just wonderfully set, it is gripping, Disturbing and Twisted it’s written in such a way that you are glued to you book.

I could not and did not want to put this book down felt an intense connection to the main characters and that’s what made me fall in love with this story line, now don’t get me wrong this is not your typical Boy meets girl scenario this is much more Raw and disturbing in ways you never thought.

This book really stunned me I still cannot get over the Hell Finn went through in order to cater to perverted obsessive Sadists who think they can treat people however they want  all for their fucked up Fixes. A life filled with Hell and Torture only to be repeated over and over.

Then you have Lilith a loud mouthed no holes barred Bad ass Painter who will tell you what she thinks of you without giving a Dam ,and she is not afraid to kick the living day lights out of you if you piss her off. That is until she is invited to Albermarle Hall will Lilith remain to be the strong independent women she was when she first entered Albermarle Hall or will Blaine (Evil Sadistic Monster) destroy her and every fibre of her being  by playing her Mind games and blackmailing her. Can Lilith recover from what she now knows can she save Finn from the hell he is living? Will there be a HEA

This is a really dark and twisted book, it will leave you traumatised it will leave you speechless and paralysed; I cannot believe what I have just read.

Unbound book 2 I really cannot wait to read book 2