Dark and twisted intense read that will consume you

You Will Pay - She Left Her Abusive Husband, He Took Revenge - Eve Rabi

Bloody hell this book is so intense, dark and twisted, I was instantly hooked and addicted to this could not put it down, this book felt like it was a part of me and  I would not stop until I read every single word.


This is such an emotionally draining and horrific story line it is so raw and realistic, it will leave you so numb and lifeless, you will feel anger and pain, sorrow and happiness this book will affect you in one way or another.


Tom is a sadistic Evil vile creature he likes to beat up his wife and takes everything out on her and their son. He forces his wife to do everything he wants. He is slowly destroying her life. It is not enough that he has broken her spirit; he goes one step further by taking everything away from her.


Arena is an amazing women and a fantastic mother, she is a super women and a super hero ( I am women hear me roar). She has endured a life of hell with a monster that treats her like an animal. In order to protect her children she will go to any length to ensure that they are happy and safe, and to keep them away from her evil Husband who she has now left. But Arena will soon learn that crossing Tom was a mistake one she will pay for all her life a mistake that will shatter her heart into a billion pieces that will never be mended EVER.


Bear he is the epitome of a good man, a great and wonderful caring man. Who would give his life to ensure Arena is happy. He welcomes arena and warren into his and amy’s ( Bears Daughter)  life with open arms and heart. Things start to get steamy between the too, just as things are going good Disaster strikes when Bear Goes MIA. What is going on is Bear the person arena thought he was or is he a fraud.


Ps I love Soonge ( Honey 100% baby)