Flat-Out Matt - Jessica Park

Matty I FREAKING ADORE YOU this book is absolutely Perfect if every way.

I can’t believe how moved I was by matty’s Pov. At times I could not read the book because I just felt so hurt knowing what Matty had to go through to keep everybody Together he carried everything on his shoulders I loved how the author introduced us to Finn when he was still alive that moment when finn and matty were together and talked that was so nice to read its a perfect addition to the book it made you realize the bond and respect and love that the two brothers shared so I think that’s what made it harder to read it made it personal. 

And it makes you feel even more for matt knowing that how close he was to his brother and then to not having him in his life anymore. and then there were times when I did not want to ever stop reading.It’s so nice to read Matty’s POV it’s like you get to feel is pain, anger, frustration and love. I LOVED book one and from the beginning I just really like Matty.  This book is just perfect I AM IN LOVE WITH MATTY and who he is and what he is about. Why o why did this book have to end Please write more book. Or I will CRY :(

why can boys be like matty