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This Obsession with books has consumed me to my very Core, its beautiful


I Love , Adore and dream of  reading i have  fallen so deeply in love there is no Going back. i love how you can instantly get lost and compelled by a book and its words every Emotion you feel its so Addictive every book and word and chapter are like a golden elixir that Quenches your thirst.

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Amy Harmon
July 2014
reviewed: Very entertaining read
I love this book I loved both characters oh my god did I love them. From the first chapter you are hooked. I cannot wait for ...
Try  - Ella Frank
read and rated
text: Beautifully Dark paranormal fantasy
i love books like this they just take over your mind with beautiful thoughts, along of times I really do wish real life was l...
May 2014
read and rated
reviewed: I Love The Madam
You can think or say what ever you want about the madam but before you make up your mind take a look at her life as she tells...
The Madam (VIP, #2) - M.Robinson
March 2014
text: Chapter from ethereal fury
“Mother, I have brought another for conversion,” Tork announced proudly. There was a rumble of thunder and a few flashes of...
Gemini Rising: Ethereal Fury - Jessica O'Gorek
Blurb: Mother Earth, wounded by the human race and its disregard for her resources, will recruit human souls to serveHer and ...
Gemini Rising: Ethereal Fury - Jessica O'Gorek
March 2014
"Hi Guys If you are into Paranormal Supernatural books give this one a Go its by Jessica O'Gorek its called Etheral Fury- Grea..."
Gemini Rising: Ethereal Fury - Jessica O'Gorek
reviewed: James what you doing maaaaaaan
James dude seriously what's your problem please get it together before I start to dislike you, I know your a good guy and the...
The Truth About James (Y.A #2) - Sarah Tork
read and rated
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March 2014
read and rated
reviewed: Dark and twisted intense read that will consume you
Bloody hell this book is so intense, dark and twisted, I was instantly hooked and addicted to this could not put it down, thi...
You Will Pay - She Left Her Abusive Husband, He Took Revenge - Eve Rabi
March 2014
text: Look what I found such a great book and it's FREE download now seven sons
read and rated
reviewed: Need more
I loved this book, like all the Sarah Tork books you are instantly drawn into characters world, you can't help but feel you a...
Young Annabelle - Sarah Tork
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Making Faces
Amy Harmon
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