Waaaaaw beautifully heart breaking

Fading  - E.K. Blair

This Book Is so Heart Breaking i literally wanted to scream and cry forever.

I love books like this they you on a journey full of raw powerful emotion that you feel in your heart and soul the pain and struggle.
the two main characters are just wonderful. You have Candice o my god what an amazing person her journey is heartbreaking her pain will effect you and hurt you to your core, her strength and courage will empower you her story will make you feel so many emotions this story is truly sad but happy and powerful .

Ryan I love adore and respect him he is such a heroic beautiful person who brings Candice back to life with his words, beautiful patience and love he is perfect giving,caring,loving He helps her live again to be happy he shows her what love, hope, passion, trust and to be free Are this story is Just perfect