Abasaloutly Fan Freakingtasicly Funny

Private Practice - Samanthe Beck

This is is Freaking Awsome omg i Adore it,i loved aeverythign and anvery one in this Book.

This Book made me laugh so much it also Made me happy and thats very rare for me where a book can do that seriously i had the a cheesy grin plastered on my face i am sure people thought i got laid.


Ellie: is amazing i love her she is not affriad to try out new wild things she is sweet and innocent but she also has a freaky side which i love.


Tyler: omg i want him NOW that boy is trouble i would Gladly take a bullet out of his ass any time he is sinfully sexy ( i know he is not real but i want him now).


as well as funny this book is beautifull i loved everything about it i love the end of the book when tyler gave ellie a book called "how to make a girl fall for you" and asked her if she can be his tutor omg ( now i am not you typical girl who likes all the romance crap not in to the wining and dining) but that part got me Hard.


Even writing this review i feel Awsome