His Risk to Take - Tessa Bailey

 i liked this book but the only problem was there was no chase i mean they only knew each a few hours and already they are at it.


Troy,troy ,troy you are one Filthy foul mouthed Naughty little boy. seriously this guy is Hard core to the point  ( And oh boy do i love it) he is one hot sexy MOFO i just want to lick his face ( among-st other places) yep this guy was just hot.



“Next time you bend over a table, I’m going to wrap all that hair around my fist and pull your head back. I want to watch your eyes glaze over when I fuck you into oblivion.” 


“You might get away with running that smart mouth to other people. But you won’t get away with it here. If you continue to challenge me with every word out of your mouth, I will f*ck you repeatedly until you learn to play nice.”  

“You’re wearing my underwear.”
“So what?”
“Do you have any idea how much it turns me on, knowing something of mine has been cradling your sweet pussy all day long.” 


Bloody Hell honestly writing the naughty things he says is making me feel like i am going to pass out from Heat Exhaustion so i think i should stop.


the chemistry between the 2 characters is just electric and the The Pool Stick Scene OOOOOOMMMMGGGG.