So Sexually Messed Up ( I love it)

Wanted Always  - Sarah Tork

I am so in love with this series I though book one was good but book two is Better, Funnier, more twisted and gripping I did not want to put this down. This is the kind of book that makes you happy, smile from ear to ear, smile mischievously and laugh So hard you think you will pass out from lack of air. 

I have never been so fascinated by a book character as much as I do Xander the guy does something to me. I freaking adore Marisa she really comes into her own in this book she is do bad ass at times fave scene the bathroom scene with damitria EPIC, I love the texts her and Xander send each other.

Book two is an amazing read and very different from the other books out there this book has character and surprises.I laughed so hard I swear I nearly peed my pants.if you read book one you will most defiantly enjoy book two, you will be in for a few surprises. Sarah you are freaking AWSOME