Adorably Funny

Diary of a Size 12 - Sophie Quinn

Before I start my Rambling first of all let me tell you that there are typos in this book, BUT don't let that stop you from reading it as the Author is working on a new revision due to the typo's Hallelujah Praise the lord.


That Aside this is a very cute and adorable  i makes me want to grab its cheeks and tell it how cute and adorable it is, this story that will have you laughing through out the day.


yo have Georgina a feisty Fashionista , she is Happy full of life, kind , loving and a person who never gives up. she has a flare for Danger ( the Reckless Kind hahahha) she is not afraid to Jump out in front a flying bullet if it means saving the People she Loves.


Jullian is the new CEO of Pandora he is the total Oppasite of "G". he is Moody, Serious has trust issues, OCD and to top it all of He has a Phobia to Germs. (Fun times)


any way this is a great ready minus the Typos .