My Heart Has Died

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma

You know that pain you get in your Chest the one that feels like its destroying your heart and soul that Pain that hurts so much you feel like you cannot go on another day, that’s how I feel after reading this book.


This book is not for the faint hearted in involves Incest (Siblings relationship, sexual and emotional I know CRINGE), this story is about 5 beautifully talented children whose lives are turned upside down because their parents are selfish heartless BASTARDS. Their father left when they were young and their mother is always getting drunk and with her new Boyfriend and never makes time for her kids.


So it’s up to Lochan (17) super smart, beautiful caring perfect boy with a heart so big he would do ANYTHING IN HIS POWER to protect is brothers and sisters then you have  Maya (16) she is the most caring, genuine, loving and understanding person they are both left  to look after their siblings aged 13,7 and 5 they are responsible for them and do everything a parent does to look after their family, so many struggles and hardship, pain, secrets all to protect their family from being taken away.  Maybe this is one  of that reason that they both of them started to have feelings for each other, the confusion of being thrust into the parenthood  role with no one to rely on but one another this must have contributed to there relationship.


This story is very powerful, it’s sad it will break you, confuse you. There is no HEA here the lead up to the ending is so sad and heart-breaking you know what’s coming yet you don’t want it to happen you don’t want it to be real you don’t want it to come true. But it does and it kills you.


The writing is so powerful and perfect. The author is fantastic

To all readers who are thinking about reading this I suggest you do it’s such a wonderfully heart-breaking story.