Xander Barnes Will you Marry Me

Calling Forever  - Sarah Tork

Ahhh I love this book series totally and hopelessly in love with it, it has everything I love in a book it Wired, crazy, funny and dam right Sexy ( in a sick perverted way) But by gosh do I love it mmmmmmm. This book series always has me smiling before and after reading it. 
Marisa this girl is bad ass to the bone, I love her personality I love how she is with Xander the two of them together is just genius. 
Like the dream sequences in this series quite funny (the medallion hahahha) Epic. Another scene I loved was the club fight hahha she took down 3 people.
Ahh Xander Barnes you crazy sick psychotic perverted son of a gun how I adore you and your twisted mind grrrrrrrrrrrr.( I want this guy)
I have mention this sooo many times in my other reviews but I’ll say it again I LOVE XANDER BARNES this guy is MY IDEAL MAN ( yep you heard me people I love his FREAKINESS) .
I really hope we find out more about the two brothers and their love hate relationship, and what is it about Marissa that has them warning her about one another. 
I cannot wait for book 3.5 Calling Ms. Kensington the character Marisol sound very Intresting.
And book 4 eeeeeeekkkk people.

Ps Guy on the cover is Mega Cute