Amazing Gritty Raw Powerfull Book ( Worth 10 Stars)

Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers) - Lili Saint Germain

There a lot of great books i have read but i do have my ultimate favorites and this book is most defiantly one of them.


This is such a powerful read.its raw, vicious, gritty and mind blowing. This story follows Juliette when she was 15 her father was killed by Dornan Ross to add to her heart ache Dornan Ross was not finish not only did he kill her father but Ross and his six sons Violently Rapped Her, and left her for dead, Dornan and his sons wanted to finish the job and kill her completely, but she was saved and her death was Faked to protect her.


Now Juliette is 21 she hungry for revenge, after 6 years of pure torture and Horrible memories of what was taken from her she has decided to do something about it.


She has gone to ultimate measures changed everything about her identity. Julliette new name is Sammi who is posing as a Dancer and wants to work in Dornans Club. Dornan takes a shine to her and decides he wants her for other things and now that she has gained his trust the man she hates more than anything in the world, she has to do things that make her hate herself, but that does not matter anymore as far as she is concerned it will be worth it. but she soon finds out that it is not going to be as easy as she anticipated, as a blast from the past returns to Haunt her.


Books like this are amazing as the reader you will feel and go through every emotion the Author Potrayes. i garauntee if you read this book you will be Hooked.