Six Brothers - Lili St. Germain

ARC given by Author in exchange for an honest review.

i love Sammie's  her Passion for revenge in this book only seemed to Magnify its like she is Possessed by it she has tasted the  blood of those who have destroyed her and will not rest until she has drained Doran Ross of Everything he holds dear to Him.

But Sammie is beginning to Learn that every action has a consequence. 
she really needs to be more careful with her Feeling both of Hate and love any sign of weakness will cost her life.

This book is more twisted  and darker than book one a lot of things happen now and Sammie finds herself doing more things she did not imagine doing terrible things.


Sammie has Doran right were she wants ( or so she thinks) as he is beginning to fall for her it is putting her in even more danger.


There is a lot of  chemistry between Sammie and Jase (Doran’s Youngest son) I love this  it’s so nice to have a good things happen in such a disturbing and twisted environment , but they both need to be very careful especially sammie or her world is going to crumble before her eyes