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Young Annabelle - Sarah Tork

I loved this book, like all the Sarah Tork books you are instantly drawn into characters world, you can't help but feel you are a part of the story, as this relates to everyday life in one way or another dealing with Boys,Weight and family. I love Annabel she is Feisty and kinds Anna has issues with her weight and has a very emotional struggle when it comes to it. She meets James a cutie from her school but soon things start to get wired and confusing, I got annoyed and both the characters I really did not know what has happening crazy rollacoster of a books recommend to everyone.

The author is awesome I love her writing style, all her books are great and different she has this quirky and feisty writing style she is not afraid to think outside the box. Can't wait to read Truth about James need to know what's If you loved Annabelle you will Adore ALWAYS WANTED