I Love The Madam

The Madam (VIP, #2) - M.Robinson

You can think or say what ever you want about the madam but before you make up your mind take a look at her life as she tells it she will show you parts of her life that will help you understand why she is the way she is. She will share parts of her heart that you never knew existed, you will be shocked and surprised the past will always catch up with us. the madam is not as cruel as you think she has a heart like everyone else she just uses it differently.

The Madam is the  epitome of power, money, lust, passion and greed the more I read about her the more I found myself wanting every single part of her and what she offered. I wanted her to take me and mould me in to a VIP I wanted to please her and love her, the thing you need to know about the madam is that she always gets what she wants and I wanted to give her everything.

There are many sides to the madam none of them should be crossed

In many ways she is what every women should be, she makes you feel powerful and unstoppable you see what the madam tries to teach her VIP's is that a women is a very powerful creature more powerful than any man. A women can destroy an empire if she knows how to use her body and her charm.

My favourite quotes from the Book  "They say curiosity killed the cat; well I f*****g murdered that pussy"

"Women rule this world and the only reason we let men believe they do is because they lead with their cocks. Our pussies hold the Power. We give life and are the only living organism in this worlds that can bleed for seven says and not Die"

i rest my case The Madam is A force more powerful than anything and VIP is her Legacy ( For Now)